losing my innocence

and by innocence, I mean youth

1 March
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I found my way onto LiveJournal about ten years ago. Back then, I lived in the Nevada desert, was married, living at home with my wife and three kids. LJ was the place to be and I was here every free moment I had. Sufficed to say, it was a very full and active LiveJournal account.

Then Facebook happened. The more popular it got, the less popular LJ became, and we all slowly faded away, joining the mass exodus to a new home. Sadly, even though Facebook has gone downhill, it's here to stay, just like Tumblr, YouTube, and Google. One of the bad things about Facebook is that you can't really, completely, comfortably separate your online personality from your real life personality. Your internet friends (which everyone knows can be truer than "real life friends") are mixed in with your friends, family, and co-workers. When you really want to put something on blast, just tear into someone or something, you have to watch your language, your tone, your actions because of who might see it.

I'm tired of that. I want a place where I can vent. A place where I can talk about my newest porn obsession. A place where I can write a long entry about something and not worry that I'm over-sharing. A place where I can accept new friends and remove old ones without worrying about ensuing drama.

And so I'm back.

Today, a decade later, I live in the Fort Worth suburbs, am married, living with my husband and our babies (cats, not kids). My kids and I are closer than we were when were all lived in the same house. My ex-wife is one of my best friends. I still spend all of my spare time on the internet, and I'm hoping that I will become as active on LJ as I am on FB, slowly leaving FB for the occasional updates. I want this to be my safe zone where I can cuss, post NSFW content, and just say what I'm really thinking.

Maybe, just maybe, if I can get old friends to come back, we can form a little community that's just as tight and active as our old LJ was. Only time will tell :)